The App

The coolest new way to take selfies that you could never shoot before uses the coolest app ever for easy flying, image editing and sharing on social media.

Get ready to get your socks blown off!

The AirSelfie app does it all and makes it look easy.

The universal AirSelfie app not only does it all, it does it all for all AirSelfie aerial cameras. Easy to use with an intuitive and very friendly “One-Touch” user experience our powerhouse app is a one-stop-shop for:

  • Flying your AirSelfie manually and autonomously
  • Customizing your images in the full image editing suite
  • Sharing your selfie photos and video to your favorite social media platforms

No more bouncing back and forth between apps, you can do it all in the AirSelfie app with just "One-Touch"!


Two ways to fly

One-Touch AutoFly mode for autonomous flight that let’s you stay completely immersed in what you are doing at the press of a button.

The easy to master Manual mode for piloting your AIR PIX using the gyroscope in your phone andsimple swipes of the app joystick.

One-touch and watch it fly

Keep calm and carry on with whatever you’re doing while your AirSelfie captures HD photos or video of you leading your life while you live it. Just push a button in Auto-Fly mode and AirSelfie will:

  • Automatically launch and fly a few feet away
  • Find you using Capture Me face tracking technology
  • Take multiple photos or continuous video
  • Fly back to you and land

Or choose to shoot everything around you in 360° mode. Your AirSelfie will fly up a few feet away and rotate taking photos or video of your surroundings.


Be your own paparazzi pilot

Piloting your AirSelfie is super fun in MANUAL mode with the easy-to-master app controls:

  • Elevate and rotate with simple swipes of the app joystick
  • Choose your direction by tipping your phone up and down for forward and backward; right and left to go right or left
  • Simply press the joystick to take photos or video

Selfie flying without a phone

You can also fly some AirSelfies without the app and without even a smartphone connection in the analog App-Free AutoFly or Gesture Control modes.

Make your selfie even more magical

The AirSelfie app let’s you customize your photos just about any way you like with a full image-editing suite of functions like:

  • Zoom
  • Crop
  • Rotate
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • High Lights
  • Exposure
  • And More!

You can also create cool “hacks” by adding type and stickers or applying filters and overlays to your images with the intuitive and easy editing user experience.


Share in an instant

Once your image is just right you can instantly and seamlessly post it on your favorite social media platform right from the app. iOS users can also live stream right to their Facebook page or YouTube channel!