AIR PIX & Powerbank



AIR PIX & Powerbank

Now Anyone Can Take Stunning Aerial HD Selfie Photos & Video

With the AIR PIX Powerbank, you'll get +6 extra full charges on your AIR PIX - giving you an extra boost of flight time!

The easiest and most affordable way for anyone to capture everyday and special moments while staying completely immersed in their life. With AIR PIX, you’ll get features and performance found in other devices that are more than twice the price!


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Pocket-sized, ultra-light aerial camera

12 Megapixel photos / 1080p 30fps video

8gb of on-board memory

6+ minutes of flight time per charge - 36+ minutes total with power bank

One-touch app for AutoFly autonomous flight

Analog simple Gesture Control or AutoFly autonomous flight without a smartphone connection

5000 mAh Li-Po battery

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AIR PIX - Changing Personal Photography Forever!

Changing Personal Photography Forever!

Tired of selfies that cut off half the shot? Refuse to use a ridiculous selfie-stick? Need someone to snap a shot of you in the perfect insta-spot or of you finally popping that 360 Ollie Heelflip?

With AIR PIX, you’ll get the perfect solo or group selfie every time!


No hassle, handing your phone to strangers, or selfie sticks needed!


The easiest aerial camera ever!

It’s super easy to use with the "One-Touch" app on your Apple or Android smartphone or without a smartphone. Or you can stay completely immersed in your activities while AIR PIX captures photos or video of you in either AutoFly or 360 ̊ modes.


Capture the moment, the whole moment

No more missing friends in group photos and videos, misframed or mistimed self-timers, or awkward selfie angles. AIR PIX gives you the perfect full frame shot quickly and easily!


Take selfies from angles you couldn’t before

Take stunning aerial 12MP photos and HD videos from unique angles and heights impossible with a handheld camera and share them instantly on social media!


AIR PIX even flies itself without a smartphone connection

Fly and shoot selfies even more easily in the analog App-Free AutoFly and Gesture Control modes! Your AirSelfie will launch, find you, shoot selfies and fly back to you all by itself without using the app.


The world’s smallest and lightest aerial camera

AirSelfie pocket-sized aerial cameras are smaller than your smartphone allowing you to shoot selfies quickly and easily wherever and whenever you want. The AIR PIX weighs less than a golf ball. It’s so light that it does not require any agency registration giving you the freedom to fly, shoot and share anyplace!

All the features without the cost

AIR PIX is chock full of features and state of the art technology you would expect to find on a device that’s twice the price!


Always be ready to fly & shoot

The compact AIR PIX Power Bank sleeve is powerful, convenient and cool.
Keep your AIR PIX aerial camera inside it to protect it and keep it powered-up!


The app that does it all and makes it look easy.

The new, super intuitive AirSelfie App is packed with cool functionality that makes it easy to fly and take photos or video with your AIR PIX and then edit them and share them instantly without ever leaving the app.


Pick your way to fly

One-Touch AutoFly mode for autonomous flight that let’s you stay completely immersed in what you are doing at the press of a button.

The easy to master Manual mode for piloting your AIR PIX using the gyroscope in your phone and simple swipes of the app joystick.

Make your picture perfect

In-App Image Editing let’s you customize your photos any way you want with the full image editing suite that let’s you crop, rotate or adjust brightess and contrast oradd filters, stickers, type and more - right in the app!


Share in an instant

Once your image is just right you can instantly and seamlessly post it on your favorite social media platform right from the app. iOS users can also live stream right to their Facebook page or YouTube channel!

Picture your life like never before

AIR PIX transforms personal photography forever. Control your own frame and take your own HD photos and videos without an extra hand or person. Get the perfect selfies, group photos, and landscapes and be in every single shot!

Shoot angles you never before could and capture every moment of your life as it happens! With AIR PIX, you’ll have your own personal, pocket-sized photographer wherever you go.


Tech Specs

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What Apple iPhones does AIR PIX work with?

Your AIR PIX requires Apple iOS 10.0 or later. It is compatible with all generations of iPhone from iPhone 5S and later. It will also work with all generations of iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad Mini later than iPad Mini 2.

How do I turn on/off my AIR PIX camera?

Turn your AIR PIX aerial camera on or off by pressing the button located at the rear of the camera by the USB port.

Which App do I download for my AIR PIX camera?

Download the AirSelfie app from the Apple Store or Google Play onto your smartphone.  PLEASE NOTE:  Be sure NOT to download the AirSelfie 2 app.

How do I connect my AIR PIX aerial camera with the App?

Launch the App on your smartphone, press “Select an AirSelfie” and then select “AIR PIX.”  Follow the prompts on your smartphone selecting wi-fi to connect to your AIR PIX via a 2.4GHz wi-fi connection.  Go back to the AirSelfie page once connected to AIR PIX wi-fi.

Does my AIR PIX need to be calibrated?

Yes, once you have connected to the AIR PIX wi-fi, simply place the device on a flat horizontal surface and press CALIBRATE.

Does my AIR PIX camera need to be charged? 

Your AIR PIX comes with a partial charge so it’s ready to fly when you take it out of the box.  When you need to recharge, use the USB-C cable included to plug into a USB adapter and charge using a wall outlet, car charger, PC, or your own portable battery.

How long will a fully charged AIR PIX fly?

6+ Minutes. Plenty of time to take hundreds of selfies!

Will the AIR PIX crash to the ground when the battery runs out?

No. Your AIR PIX features a Safe Auto-Landing function which will automatically command it to gently land if the battery gets too low to sustain flight.

How high can AIR PIX fly?

AIR PIX is designed to fly a maximum of 60’ (18m) high.

What is the range of AIR PIX?

AIR PIX is designed to fly a maximum of 60’ (18m) high.


How do I fly AIR PIX?

Scroll along the bottom of the Camera screen in the app, aligning the mode you want (MANUAL, AutoFly or 360°) with the gold arrow.

How do I control AIR PIX in MANUAL Mode?

The joystick allows you to pilot the AIR PIX.  Also, by moving your smartphone the AIR PIX uses the phone’s gyroscope for flight direction.  Dip your smartphone down for forward, up for backward, tilt left to move left and right to move right.

How do I control elevation in MANUAL Mode?

By swiping the joystick on the app control either up or down will make the AIR PIX fly either up or down.

How do I switch to Auto-Fly mode?

Scroll and select the “AUTO-FLY” mode. With the power on, place AIR PIX on your open palm keeping it flat and parallel to the ground with the logo up and the camera pointing at your face. AIR PIX is ready to fly when the “Pause” symbol in the gold circle in the middle of the Camera screen changes to a “Play” arrow. Press the “Play” arrow and the propellers will start to softly spin. Gently toss the device in front of you as shown, the propellers will fully engage and your AIR PIX will take flight. It will fly a few feet in front of you taking your choice of either continuous video or a selfie photo. After several seconds AIR PIX will fly back to you to land in your hand. Note: If AIR PIX cannot find a face to lock into it will gently land. 

How can I fly AIR PIX fly APP-FREE?

Turn on AIR PIX.  When the blue light begins to blink rapidly, triple click the power button.  Just like in AutoFly mode, gently toss your AIR PIX in front of you and it will fly a few feet away from you to capture selfies and then fly back to land in your hand all by itself.

How do I use hand gestures to control my AIR PIX without a smartphone connection?

Simply double click the power button after turning your AIR PIX on and seeing the rapidly blinking blue light.  Gently toss your AIR PIX in front of you and it will fly a few feet away from you and hover, but now you can pilot it and take photos or video using simple gestures and movements. AIR PIX in Gesture Control mode will always maintain the same distance away from you moving away as you walk closer to it and following you if you walk away from it unless you use the landing gesture to command it to come back to you.

For gesture instructions please see the AIR PIX Owner’s Manual.

Is AIR PIX waterproof?

No, AIR PIX is not waterproof so don’t fly it in the rain or take it for a swim.

Can the AIR PIX fly inside and outside?

Yes, your AIR PIX can fly inside and outside, but for best performance fly in wind protected areas.  Don’t fly in adverse weather or environments with poor visibility like a night.  Do not fly near high voltage power lines, buildings, or any potentially dangerou areas and in accordance with your country’s civil aviation regulations.

How much storage space does AIR PIX come with?

AIR PIX comes with an 8GB SD Card.


What is the camera resolution in AIR PIX?

AIR PIX comes with a 12 Mega Pixel 70° FOV camera.

What is the video resolution in AIR PIX?

AIR PIX has full HD 1920x1080p @ 30fps video.

Where does AIR PIX save the videos and pictures?

Videos and pictures are saved in the device’s internal 8GB of memory.  The AirSelfie app stores all of your images and video.

Can I edit my AIR PIX pictures?

Yes, there is a complete suite of image editing functions right in the app to customize all of your images.

How do I post to social media?

Once you’ve edited your image, you can instantly post to your favorite social media platform through the AirSelfie App. Select Gallery from the bottom of the Home screen in the app. Press SELECT at the top right of the Gallery screen and select the image or video you want to share by pressing the white circle on the image or video you want to share. The white circle will turn gold. Select as many images as you wish. Press Share at the bottom of the screen and your phone’s sharing screen will appear. Simple choose the platform you wish to share your image or video to.