Air Pix +



Air Pix +

Easily take Spectacular Aerial HD Selfie Photos & Video from Any Angle.

Introducing the world’s first pocket-sized aerial camera with an adjustable camera gimbal allowing selfie takers to simply position the camera to the perspective they want to shoot. Sensational selfies made so easy!


Limited Time Launch Price

Estimated ship date late February.

Customers are responsible for any additional customs fees or VAT.

Pocket-sized, ultra-light aerial camera

12 megapixel photos 1080p/30 fps video

0˚ to 90˚ Adjustable Camera Gimba

Advance Vertical ToF Sensors

One-touch app for autonomous flight

Smartphone-free Autonomous flight

Simple app-free Gesture control

9+ Minutes of flight time

32GB of unboard memory

img tag to be replaced later by a video

Meet the Next Generation of Personal Photography - AIR PIX+!

Say “hello” to the latest addition in the AirSelfie AIR PIX family. The AIR PIX+ features all of the same extroardinary performance and functionaliy as the AIR PIX with the addition of an adjustable camera gimbal and an additional vertical obstacle sensor in an aerodynamic curvalinear chassis.

Say “goodbye” to awkward one-arm selfies, oddly cropped photos and handing your phone to strangers. The AIR PIX+ allows you to video your birdie sand shot from a bird’s-eye perspective as you hit it, capture your child’s first steps with you in the shot and get a snap of friends raising their glasses in the air, from the air.

Then customize your shot with the in-app image editing suite and instantly share it on your favorite social media platform.


Selfies from stunning perspectives are easy with AIR PIX+. Simply adjust the camera to the angle you want to shoot and let it fly!

Taking & sharing stunning selfies has never been this easy!

The easy and intuitive “One-Touch” AirSelfie app let’s you fly and shoot with the push of a button on your Apple or Android smartphone or you can go completely autonomous without a smartphone connection. In the Auto-Fly modes, AIR PIX+ captures photos and video of you while you stay completely immersed in the activity you’re doing. Now, that’s cool.

The perfect personal paparrazzi

No more cropped out friends in group photos or video or mistimed self-timers. AIR PIX+ gives you the perfect full frame shot quickly and easily!

“WOW!” your friends and followers!

Blow up your social media by instantly sharing your stunning 12MP photos and HD videos from angles and heights impossible to take with a handheld camera. Shooting and sharing with AIR PIX+ is easy!

Phone-Free selfies!

Shooting selfies couldn’t be more easy than in the analog App-Free Auto and Gesture Control modes. Your AIR PIX+ will launch, find you, shoot selfies and fly back to you all by itself without using the app and a smartphone connection.

The world’s smallest, lightest & most convenient aerial camera

AirSelfie pocket-sized aerial cameras are smaller than your smartphone allowing you to shoot selfies quickly and easily wherever and whenever you want. The AIR PIX+ weighs less than a golf ball. It’s so light that it does not require any agency registration giving you the freedom to fly, shoot and share anyplace!

High performance at a surprisingly low price

AirSelfie continues to disrupt the aerial camera industry by loading high performance features in AIR PIX+ that can’t be found on other devices even at double the cost!


Always be ready to fly

Need an extra boost of flight time? Our optional powerbank docking sleeve keeps your AIR PIX fully charged and always ready to shoot - anywhere, anytime. AIR PIX slips into the dock and the dock slips into your pocket.